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KAT Centre Nepal is one of Nepal’s oldest and most well-known animal welfare organizations. Since its inception in 2004, KAT Centre Nepal has been providing professional animal care in the finest possible way.

KAT Centre Nepal employs two full-time veterinarians and two full-time veterinarian technicians.

We provide veterinarians, vet nurses/techs, and vet students the opportunity to intern, learn and assist in the treatment of dogs and cats from KAT’s experienced veterinarians. After an interview, we accept third year and above veterinary students from around the world.

Veterinary Volunteer Program at KAT Centre Nepal

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Volunteers SAY ABOUT US

My name is Etienne, I am a French veterinarian, 68 years old. I did two two-week stays at the KAT Centre (Dec 2018, Dec 2019) as a Vet volunteer. They were unforgettable experiences. I have been fortunate to meet friendly and caring people, happy to donate some time to support a great cause, proud to build friendly relationships with professionals getting the best of limited means and eager to share experience. With the added pleasure of meeting volunteers, mostly students, from all over the world. For all these reasons, I strongly recommend to all friends of animals and Nepal to participate in this beautiful action that the KAT Centre has been leading for many years. I am of course disappointed and saddened by the difficulties the center is currently facing but I am sure common sense will prevail and I really hope that everything will be sorted out quickly. I plan to go to Katmandu again very soon – as soon as health situation allows – to see the whole team united again and share good surgery sessions.

Dr Etienne IGNACE Veterinary Volunteer

Thank you for giving me a chance to volunteer and learn from you all these last 2 months. It was really a pleasure to see that KAT Nepal is an organization that cares about street animals, and that you take your responsibilities seriously. Everyone – from Ravi Bhai, Sanu Bhai and Gauri Didi, who cleaned and cooked (for both humans and dogs!), to Ram Dai and Thakur Dai, the dog-catchers, to Sushmita and Binita Bahini, the vet nurses, and of course Basuji and Akashji, the important admin staff who keep the organization going – did your best to look after the animals with the limited resources that you have. As a veterinary volunteer, I was mostly in the operating room. There, I liked that the resident vet, Dr. Bidur Piya, only let us do surgeries after assisting a few times, you only let us operate on dogs that would not be released for a few days so we could oversee their recovery, and you never minded when we asked you numerous questions or suggested alternative treatments. You were always willing to discuss cases rather than do things only your way. You kept the welfare of the dogs and cats above everything else, and are an extremely experienced, humble and responsible vet. One day I hope to be as good at surgery as you! KAT-NEPAL really has to keep going, and I would like to come back whenever I can in the future! Thank you for a great experience.

Dr. Dixit Veterinary Volunteer

I am heartly greatful towards the KAT Center, Nepal for providing such a golden opportunity to volunteer there. It helped me to add fuel to drive towards my passion. Volunteering in KAT Center is my 1st step to build my confidence to treat helpless animals. I have been involved in ABC camp in most of the places. Working under the guidence of Dr. Bidur Piya really helped to elevate my clinical practice. His motivation, understanding, support and kindness have helped me reach where I am today. I am so Thankful towards KAT Centre, Nepal for giving me the opportunity to work in such a friendly environment with amazing team members. I solely commit to make this bond more stronger in further days.

Rachana Dangol Veterinary Volunteer

I came here as a volunteer after receiving my degree. Now I’m officially a part of KAT center Nepal. Not only did I sharpen my practical vet knowledge, I learned about community affairs and many more. I am heartily grateful and honored to be a part of KAT center Nepal. Working with our hardworking team, I feel like we are superheros without a cap that saves animals from misery. I hope to continue this good work in future and wish for great success for KAT center Nepal/USA. Thankyou Jr. Veterinarian Dr. Saru Waiba

Dr. Saru Waiba Veterinary Volunteer

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