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Sponsor a kennel

Our Sponsor a Kennel program raises needed funds for medicine, supplies, and operational expenses.

A safe treatment haven for hundreds of helpless animals; KAT Centre Nepal provides professional veterinary treatment with love, care, and a safe warm place to stay until they are recovered and well enough to be returned to their community or adopted into a loving home.

Being the oldest rescue in Nepal, we help all animals in need. We are involved in treating almost 100 animals every day.  With an average of over 50 calls per day with rescue requests; having the ability to house and feed the animals is an important part of our program.

It is expensive to care for each animal, maintain the structure, kennels, and equipment of the shelter, as well as provide veterinary care, vaccines, and medicine for the animals in our facility. Your donation will help an animal that may come into our shelter.  When you Sponsor a Kennel, you are providing needed financial support to the animals.  The animals we care for do not always come to us healthy.  Some animals are sick or injured when they reach our doors.  Your donation helps pays the cost of medical care and food.

With sponsorship, you will receive recognition of a prominently displayed plaque on the kennel.  Your plaque may be personalized in your name, your company’s name or in memory of a family member, special friend, or cherished pet. You will also be listed as a friend of the shelter on our website and our Facebook page or even on our ambulances!

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