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When someone thinks of getting a pet, one would imagine them getting a one with a “breed.” A healthy, adorable pup or a kitten, which costs quite a sum. What about the others? What about the homeless and abandoned ones who will never be adopted because they are average to look at and not of the “breed”? KAT Shelter and Adoption Program provides home to such dogs and cats, provides necessary procedures to ones that are sick, vaccinate them and connect with people who can finally give them a home.

Shelter and Adoption for Animals


Adoption in Nepal

Visit KAT Centre Nepal shelter in Buddhanilkanta!

Follow updates to join our adoption events, or contact us directly if you want to give forever home for a dog or a cat!


International Adoption

Our International Program was set very specifically so it would not affect our local rescues or our foster homes. Our organization works with selected few rescuers internationally including our preferred partner, Temple Dog Rescue, who we trust and screened to ensure the dogs that are part of this program are of good health and temperament for the remainder of their life. Dogs that are part of this program are sent to screened and approved homes.  This means regardless of the number of international rescues we have, our intakes for local dogs are not affected.

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