Melissa Perkins

Melissa Perkins is a full-time student who is pursuing a new career in psychology and social work. She has been a volunteer with KAT Nepal since 2019 and one of our biggest supporters.

Melissa has over 20+ years’ experience volunteering at various animal shelters both abroad and in the United States. Mom to former KAT Nepal dogs Ollie and Everest, she has facilitated international adoptions between KAT Nepal, the United States and Canada. As our first volunteer back during COVID, she realized the need for KAT Nepal to become a recognized non-profit in the USA. She established KAT USA in 2020, which has been instrumental in supporting KAT Nepal.

Vice President

Vibeke Andrea Sefland

Vibeke “Vibi” Andrea Sefland is a mountain climber, guide, aid worker and officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces. She has climbed “The 7 Summits” (the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents). She has also climbed 4 of the world’s 8000 meters and has been involved in rescue operations on Mt Everest. 

She combines her expeditions with aid work or support to local societies or charities. Her love for animals brought her to KAT Nepal in 2012 when she climbed her first 8000m peak. Vibi founded the NGO Step by Step after the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. She lived in Nepal for more than one year to help rebuild the country. Throughout the years she has been involved in rescuing and treating dogs and cats in different countries like Norway and Afghanistan. She has started projects in Uganda and South Sudan together with Veterinaries Without Borders. Ever since she arrived at KAT Nepal for first time 2012, she has supported and collaborated with us. 



Gregg Tully

Gregg Tully is the Country Director of Save the Dogs and Other Animals. After earning a Ph.D. in Biology, he went to Nepal to fill various roles with the KAT Nepal. As the CEO of Soi Dog Foundation, the largest animal protection organization in Southeast Asia, he led it through a phase of rapid growth. He then became the CEO of PASA, the largest association of wildlife centers in Africa, which expanded from a staff of one to a staff of eight with 40 volunteers. Working with KAT Nepal for over 15 years, KAT Nepal has a big place in Gregg’s heart. He is happy to serve on the Board of KAT USA.



Lesley Mapstone

Lesley Mapstone is a Canadian and British photographer, filmmaker and animal activist. Lesley founded Temple Dog Rescue in 2018 while living in Kathmandu. She nursed sick and injured dogs to health and found homes for them in Canada and Nepal when they could no longer live on the street. 
Lesley is a provider of food and medical care to dogs in remote Himalayan villages and will bring animal rescue tourism to Nepal, launching Nepal Animal Rescue Adventures in September 2022. Lesley serves on the board of KAT USA and collaborates with independent dog rescuers and organizations in Nepal to implement programs that strengthen the human-animal relationship.


Board Member

Sujan Kumar Shrestha

Sujan K. Shrestha is a Businessman and Social Activist. He has been involved in the service of Nepal for decades.
Interested in Social Services, he is a longtime supporter of the Lions Clubs and Kiwanis International with remarkable positions.


Board Member

Magda Jungowska

Magda Jung is the found the White Grain Foundation in 2017, which support Nepal in four main fields: education of underprivileged and orphan children, healthcare support, preserving Buddhist culture, rescue street animals. Throughout the years she has involved in rescuing and treating community dogs of Swayambhu.
In recent years she cooperated with KAT Nepal in keeping the Swayambhu Stupa dog population under control. She happily supports KAT Nepal.


Honorary Member

Betty Woodsend

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