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Laxmi Sharma

Laxmi Sharma is a Nepali entrepreneur. She is credited as the first woman to drive an auto-rickshaw and went on to establish the first button factory in Nepal. She was married at an early age and after getting a divorce she worked as a housemaid for sixteen years. Later, she started to drive a rickshaw. Though she was harassed for being a woman driver, she went on to open Laxmi Wood Craft Udhyog, a company that made buttons. The buttons were exported to Germany, Switzerland, Zambia, Denmark, and the USA. Laxmi is also the founding member of KAT Centre Nepal. Being an animal lover and looked upon as an inspirational figure in Nepal, she was asked by Jan Salter to bring her vision and insight to KAT Centre Nepal.  She has played a vital role in KAT Centre Nepal’s success over the years.

Founding President

Hari Bansha Acharya

Hari Bansha Acharya (Nepali: हरिवंश आचार्य) is a Nepalese actor, comedian, director, singer and writer. He is known for his method acting. He is one half of the comedy duo MaHa Jodi along with fellow comedian Madan Krishna Shrestha. He is known for his performance as Arjun in the 1997 patriotic drama film Balidaan. He has also performed in the series Madan Bahadur Hari Bahadur as “Hari Bahadur”. He also wrote and performed in the film Shatru Gatey.


Vice President

Sujan Kumar Shrestha

Sujan K. Shrestha is a Businessman and Social Activist. He has been involved in the service of Nepal for decades.
Interested in Social Services, he is a longtime supporter of the Lions Clubs and Kiwanis International with remarkable positions.



Kumar Prasad Dahal

Having been involved in KAT Centre Nepal since its planning phase, Kumar is a mental health activist who spends his life advocating for mental health while working at Ashadeep Nepal, a pioneering mental health organization in Nepal.
He was asked by his good friend, Jan Salter to join KAT Centre Nepal as a board member in 2013.


Board Member

Sushrit Poudel

Sushrit Poudel oversees digital banking of a reputed A class bank in Nepal.
Bringing his IT knowledge, Poudel is an asset for KAT Centre Nepal. His assistance in IT is crucial in the management of networks and databases at KAT Centre Nepal and helps us ensure the efficiency and security of our information.


Board Member

Gayanu Shrestha

Gayanu Shrestha is a COE at a successful financial institution in Nepal. She brings her knowledge to KAT Centre Nepal in all aspects of our financial planning.


Board Member

Sharmila Shrestha

Sharmila Shrestha is a successful business entrepreneur in Nepal and brings her vast knowledge of business to KAT Centre Nepal while providing financial advice.


Board Member

Kumari Lama

Kumari Lama is a successful entrepreneur in Nepal specializing in Nepali handicrafts. She brings her overwhelming desire and love of all animals to KAT Centre Nepal.


Board Member

Deependra Bajrachrya

Deependra Bajracharya is a renowned journalist and a photographer. He lectures on journalism and assists KAT Centre Nepal with photography and media.

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