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With hundreds of treatments daily, we need donated medical supplies, as well as more basic items for animal care to assist and treat hundreds of stray animals in Nepal. If you have items to contribute, please send an email to with the details and we will let you know how we can use them.

These things you can

sponsor outside of Nepal

Ivermectin Powder, Anti Flea and Tick Products, Dewormers, Alu Spray, Dressing Materials( vet wraps, Non-adhesive gauze, Bandages, Antibiotic ointments), Antibiotics (oral/Injectables), Gloves, Syringes, Needles, Ear cleaners, Pain medications, Fibercast, Cat Dewormers, Fipronil, Tricat Vaccine 

Spay Tools, Oximeter, Surgical Scrub (Size: Small, Medium)

catgut 1, catgut 2, Vicryl 3-0 etc.

Dog Grooming Kits, Powder Milk for Puppies and Kittens, Collar, 

Dog Catching Net, Catching Pole, Cat Trapper, Catching Gloves

Laptop, Mobile, Colour Printer, Tablet 

These Things You Can

Sponsor in Nepal

Sack of Rice, Dog Food, Cat Food (Reflex/LeChat), Treat

Towel, Blanket, Bed Cover, Sacks

Mask, Gloves, Sanitizer, Hand Wash, Lizol, Cat Litter 

Stationery Items, Used Phones

Lease, Shampoo, Feeding Bowls, Toys, Cat Interactive Toys, Catnip, Scratch Pads, Cat Carriers, Cat Tree/ Hammocks, Beds

Buckets and Containers

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