Cats of KAT


Cats of KAT

Cats are frequently overlooked in the Kathmandu valley due to the considerable number of street dogs, but not at our center! Since the establishment of KAT Centre Nepal, we have been active in cat treatment, care, and adoption.

KAT’s Cat House:

Our Cat House facility specifically is designed to manage cats, so they have a safe place to play, sleep and live. In Nepal, nothing like this has ever been seen before.

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The ever-present street dogs have long been the talk of the town. However, street cats are getting more attention lately. Stray street cats may be anywhere including on the streets, in your garden or barn, or even beneath your car. We estimate Kathmandu’s cat population is expanding based on an increase in the average number of daily reports on cats and the growing number of cats we treat in our rescue and treatment program. This raises concerns about animal welfare and elevates the potential of disease transmission. Cats move more freely and are not included in any effective immunization program due to the difficulty of capturing them, so it is difficult to survey them at any given time.


What is the next

for the cats?

We advise cat owners to spay and neuter their cats. We have spent a lot of time with cat specialists and physicians discussing tactics and long-term procedures for catching cats and completing the ABC surgery. We have been collaborating with other cat specialist groups, such as Katmandu lovers, to provide our personnel with cat trapping and cat care training. If you wish to be a part of the solution for Kathmandu’s cats’ futures, please contact us.

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