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Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre of Nepal (KAT Nepal) was established in 2004 by Jan Salter as a charity to help raise awareness concerning the inhumane treatment of Nepalese Street Dogs.

While our primary purpose is:

We also:

Over the years the purpose of KAT Nepal has remained the same as we honor Jan Salter’s vision.  As a structured NGO, we can address animal welfare issues directly.
Being more than a shelter, we also provide a variety of services, at a reduced cost, by donation or free.  Our services are open primarily to those in the Kathmandu and Budhanilkantha Municipality.
KAT Nepal receives no federal funding and is entirely funded by grants and private donations.


While our primary goal is to provide animal birth control (ABC), we also provide shelter and treatment to the street animals who are sick and injured. We also provide education, awareness, and prevention on rabies and other communicable diseases found in street animals. Adoption and helping animals find new homes is also one of our main goals.


Our main mission is to help street animals of Nepal live better lives, which we do by providing a combination of our love for animals and the help they need.


KAT Nepal strives to create a more animal friendly and humane world for the animals .

KAT Founder - Jan Salter

the founder of kat

Jan salter

Artist, philanthropist, Woman who spent over 40 years of her life in Nepal. Animal lover, pursued her vision to help street dogs of Kathmandu and established KAT Centre in 2004.

meet our

kat centre team


Laxmi Sharma

President KAT Nepal

Laxmi Sharma is a Nepali entrepreneur. She is credited as the first woman to drive an auto-rickshaw and went on to establish the first button factory in Nepal. She was married at an early age and after getting a divorce she worked as a housemaid for sixteen years. Later, she started to drive a rickshaw. 


Melissa Perkins

President KAT USA

Melissa Perkins is a full-time student who is pursuing a new career in psychology and social work. She has been a volunteer with KAT Nepal since 2019 and one of our biggest supporters.

Melissa has over 20+ years’ experience volunteering at various animal shelters both abroad and in the United States. 

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Dr Bidur Piya

Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Jan has had a number of solo exhibitions, and received many awards in recognition of both her art and service to Nepal, including the “Gorkha Dakshin Bahu” presented by the then Nepali king, Birendra Bir Bikram Shah in 1997; the Human Society Inte​rnational’s “Extraordinary Commitment and Achievement Award in 2010; and an MBE, “Member of the British Empire” conferred by the Queen of England in 2012.

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Location: Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu

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