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We Help Animals

In Service of Animals since 2004

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We Help Animals

In Service of Animals since 2004

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We Help Animals

In Service of Animals since 2004


how we work

Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre of Nepal (KAT Nepal) was established in 2004 by Jan Salter as a charity to help to raise awareness concerning the inhumane treatment of Nepalese Street Dogs.

While our primary purpose is humane Animal Birth Control (ABC) to reduce the street dog population, we also provide education, awareness, and prevention of Rabies, medical treatment to those that are sick and injured, and education to the public and animal adoptions.

Animal Birth Control
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Animal Birth Control Program | KAT Centre Nepal

Animal Birth Control

Our Animal Birth Control (ABC) program started in May 2004 and operates along the World Health Organization’s guidelines for the management of stray dog populations.

Rescue and Treatment

Community members often notify us of the illness or injury, and a vet and an animal care officer provide emergency care to the dogs on the scene.

Education and Awareness Program for Animals

Education and Awareness

One of KAT Nepal’s primary objectives is to educate the general population on how to better care for animals so that they can survive despite their restrictive circumstances.

Shelter and Adoption

When someone thinks of getting a pet, one would imagine them getting a one with a “breed.” A healthy, adorable pup or a kitten, which costs quite a sum.


Why donate to KAT Centre Nepal?

Since we are a non-profit organization that relies on donations, each and every action we take requires funds and individual donations; without their support, we wouldn’t be able to run our welfare initiatives.

All your donations are used to ensure smooth operations of KAT Centre Nepal. That includes:


Volunteer at KAT Centre Nepal

KAT Centre Nepal depends greatly on volunteers who donate their time and talent to help the animals. Without volunteers, we could not accomplish or advance our mission. Improving the welfare of animals is a big job. But every little thing you do to help solve the problems of overpopulation, cruelty, neglect, and irresponsible pet ownership counts.

Support us


Become a Volunteer

Volunteers have always been the building blocks of KAT Centre Nepal. Without the tireless efforts, selfless service, and passion of our volunteers, KAT Centre Nepal would not be what it is today.

Give Donation

As a non-profit organization and charity, we rely solely on generous community support. Every time you support KAT Centre Nepal, you are saving lives and giving animals care, love, and the second chance they deserve.

Become a Partner

Our Sponsorship Program is a wonderful way to support KAT Centre Nepal and promote your business or organization as a supporter. It is also a terrific way to advertise to the public. 

one mission since 2004




Ritik Shrestha
Ritik Shrestha
Received the warmest welcome from Julie and Motu. Loved the place =)
Priya Tuladhar
Priya Tuladhar
awesome experience friendly environment
aarya parajuli
aarya parajuli
Had so much fun volunteering here. It was pretty therapeutic. Highly recommend 👍🏼
Aken Thakuri
Aken Thakuri
KAT Center Nepal is doing an excellent job of providing for the most fortunate animals and saving them. I hope more people will contribute to the adorable animals.
Bharati Sharma
Bharati Sharma
The oldest and the best rescue organization in Nepal.

Laxmi Sharma

President KAT Nepal

Laxmi Sharma is a Nepali entrepreneur. She is credited as the first woman to drive an auto-rickshaw and went on to establish the first button factory in Nepal. She was married at an early age and after getting a divorce she worked as a housemaid for sixteen years. Later, she started to drive a rickshaw.



Melissa Perkins

President KAT USA

Melissa Perkins is a full-time student who is pursuing a new career in psychology and social work. She has been a volunteer with KAT Centre Nepal since 2019 and one of our biggest supporters. Melissa has over 20+ years’ experience volunteering at various animal shelters both abroad and in the United States.


KAT Founder - Jan Salter

Jan Salter


Jan has had a number of solo exhibitions, and received many awards in recognition of both her art and service to Nepal, including the “Gorkha Dakshin Bahu” presented by the then Nepali king, Birendra Bir Bikram Shah in 1997; the Human Society Inte​rnational’s “Extraordinary Commitment and Achievement Award in 2010; and an MBE, “Member of the British Empire” conferred by the Queen of England in 2012.


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